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    Main Technical Specifications
    Itemrange ability
    1Density (g/cm3)1.4~1.90
    2Tensile Strength (Mpa)7~ 20
    3Elongation At Break (%) 100 ~ 500
    4Hardness (Shore A)50 ~ 90
    5Operating temperature (°C)-20 ~ 300
    6Brittle Temperature (°C)-10 ~ -50
    7Compression Set(%)70°C x 70H5~30
    Added details:
    Sample lead time: Within 3 weeks
    Order delivery time:Generally 2-4 weeks.
    Color: Black, White, Gray, Red, Green ,Yellow,etc.
    Packing method: Packed by plastic bags, bags into cartons.
    Industrial application: Laboratory Apparatus, cosmetics industry, Engineering and Machinery, Automotive industry, Electrics, etc.
    Custom made: Drawings, samples, OEM and ODM are all accepted.
    1.Are samples free?
    First of all, we appreciate that you are interested in our company and products. You could learn about our products and company from our website. And if you want to learn more information about samples, drawings, delivery time etc.,here are our answers for samples.
    Our samples are free for cooperated customers,and the tooling cost will be free if the tooling is easy to open and the cost is not high. But if the tooling is complicated and the cost is high,the cost will be on customer’s account.
    The samples are also free for new customers, but if samples need new tooling, the tooling cost will be on customer’s account, meanwhile, the express cost will be also on customer’s account. If we cooperate successfully, the express cost will be returned after your first order, and also if the samples are failed and we are not cooperated, we will refund the tooling costs.
    2.What is the sample delivery time?
    If the samples you ask are our current products, samples could send within 3 days because there are many samples in stock, if the samples are out of stock, it will take about 1 week to make new ones.
    If the samples you ask are not our current products, the sample delivery time will be 2-3 weeks, because we need to make new moulds to make samplesMolded Rubber Parts manufacturers